Your freedom living


Discover and achieve freedom for your present and future living.

Breathe deeply and connect to your natural state of awareness, your true self and heart centre with programmes, classes and private sessions that encourage you to explore the mental, physical and subtle energetic layers of your being to help you:

Overcome fear, anxiety and limiting beliefs

Create balance and wellbeing

Deeply connect to your true self

Empower your future wellbeing

Achieve your freedom lifestyle

Incorporating a range of coaching, personal development, yoga asana, body work, movement, meditation, pranayama, mindfulness and NLP tools and techniques, programmes and sessions offer a balanced, holistic approach to your personal journey.

All are tailored to your unique self with the Core Transformation methodology at their heart.




1-2-1 & Private Groups


If you are seeking a more bespoke yoga teaching environment, whether as a beginner or seasoned practitioner, individual, couple or small group, programmes are ideal.

Held in your own home space, five -week programmes are tailored to suit your yoga needs and offer hands on adjustments and coaching to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga.

Yoga Sessions


Small group weekly yoga sessions encompass warming hatha yoga and gentle flow sequences linking one posture to the next with the breath. The classes incorporate breathing techniques, yoga asana, adjustments,  meditation and relaxation.

Winter 2020

Mondays 6.30pm - Hatha Yoga

Tuesdays 9.30am - Slow Flow

Wednesdays 9.15am - Slow Flow


Your Health Matters 


A regular yoga and meditation practice can:

  • Improve overall wellbeing

  • Develop flexibility

  • Increase strength

  • Relieve anxiety

  • Combat stress

  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Aid digestion

  • Increase positive thinking

  • Improve self confidence

  • Connect you to your true self




Life Coaching with Yoga Programme:


Create abundant health, balance & wellbeing for freedom living


  • 3 Coaching sessions 

  • 3 Yoga sessions

Life Coaching Programme:


Align to your true self, breakthrough limitations & live your full potential in your professional and personal life


  • 6 Coaching sessions 


Programmes Include:

  •  Free 30 minute consultation 

  • DISC personality profile diagnostic 

  • Self enquiry and wellbeing worksheets

  • 90 minute 1-2-1 intake and evaluation session

  • 75 minute 1-2-1 coaching or yoga sessions

  • Transferable mind-set, physical and energetic tools and techniques

  • Personal roadmap and activity plan

  • Review, evaluation and celebration

  • CPD accredited certification  


Core Transformation



The Core Transformation methodology is based around the core components of physical being, mind-set and energy and encompasses tools and techniques that utilize these elements of our nature and organisational constructs across three phases:


Insight: Enquiry and insight to gain a deep awareness of core values, principles, past and present situations, obstacles and limited beliefs and the relationship with our self and true purpose.


Transformation: Clarification of the self and engagement with the present, to grow and move forward with balance, synergy, mind-set shifts and freedom living in all areas of your life.


Results:  Responsible, empowered choices to consistently and continually lead and deliver optimal, freedom living and achieve your full potential in work, life and health.

Through a deeply personal offering, I invite you to connect to your true self, release and realign, get clear, be spacious, explore and journey within, embrace life and achieve your goals through transformed thinking, physical sense of self and energy body. 


Your Experience Matters

“Beth’s coaching has had a completely positive impact on my whole life experience. Thank you Beth for your totally transformational and deeply grounded coaching which has provided me with such valuable and enduring additions to my toolkit for life. "

Zoe, Cambridgeshire


"I am so glad that I discovered yoga - what an improvement this has been for my back and flexibility and so enjoyable. I come away feeling totally relaxed and it has really helped my training regime: Beth is amazing and an inspiration, I would definitely recommend."

Linda, Business Leader, Essex

You Matter

“Beth encouraged me to think bigger see past self-made barriers. She consistently promoted self-care and celebration of progress made. This strengthened my confidence and belief that I could decide my own path. I would highly recommend."

Working Mum, Essex




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